Excitement galore! The New Raspberry Pi Zero W is here with WiFi and Bluetooth

The Raspberry Foundation is at it again, this time with a new tiny but highly functional device rightfully named under its predecessor, the Raspberry Pi Zero, that only cost $5 (Ksh. 500). This time around with an extra “W” added onto the name maybe to signify that it is fully WiFi (802.2 Wireless LAN) plus Bluetooth 4.0. No more need for annoying adapters and hacking around to get everything to work great so you can watch YouTube on your Pi.

For the beginner out there, the Raspberry Pi is a low-cost, high-performance computer that people use to learn, solve problems and have fun. You can literally build all sorts of devices, from drones, medical robots, super-computers to futuristic devices with cool LED lights. Whatever your heart desires to build, the Raspberry Pi will probably be able to handle it. It comes with an Operating system (Raspbian) which you can replace with other more common ones (Ubuntu, Windows etc.). there many products created by the Raspberry foundation, this is their most innovative due to its low cost and advanced functionality.

The Raspberry Pi Official Logo

The ultimate advantage for this minicomputer is that it only costs $10, that is, Kenya Shillings 1000. You could buy several of them and build your own Internet of Things (IoT) network at home or at the local college/university. I wonder why our institutions don’t invest in such cheap alternatives that can be replaced and used for countless projects. Our IT and Engineering programs really do need a total makeover.

In order to find a Raspberry Pi in Kenya, these two are the most recommended:

  1. Nerokas located in Thika Town – https://store.nerokas.co.ke/
  2. iHub  located along Galana Road (Ngong Road) – https://ihub.co.ke/shop/product/1/raspberry-pi

What projects do you think you can do with this computer? Leave your comment below and stay tuned for more tech news and updates.

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