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Hi guys, I would like to officially welcome you to my blog where I get to say anything I want (legal stuff), give tutorials, reviews, product launches and everything good :). I launched my site to be able to reach out to clients and also have a place I can call home in the great Internet that Sir Tim Berners Lee built for all of us to enjoy. The internet is, for the most part, a place of sharing, learning, connecting and laughter. The internet was meant to reveal all of humanity and make us one. Well, 25 years have passed and we are yet to reach such a goal. Evil persons have seized this opportunity that is freely given to exploit the ignorance of their fellow brothers and sisters. They have used various tools of destruction to enslave us all in various things (shopping, entertainment, sex etc) and we have taken it all up without thinking twice.

I believe it’s time that we the internet citizens are waken up from our slumber and realize our enormous ability to solve the worlds problems by seizing back our soul, mind, body and “pocket”. The guys who are staying up late, not watching TV, but learning how to code, how to market stuff, how to cook, how to build stuff, giving information on Wikipedia are changing the world. It’s time you did that too. [Update] It’s time you sit back and ask yourself, “what do I do with my time?” I’m sure you may find some interesting facts of how much time there is to do important things but end up wasted in 4 hours of TV/Netflix, partying, sitting around, sleeping etc.

I have began my journey of change and you should too. Let’s build each other more. I’ll do my part in giving out my knowledge and understanding and you should do the same. Don’t shy away from contacting me from the various channels I have provided (Twitter, Facebook etc)!

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