The Start of a Mini Web Series

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Hi guys, I have been thinking for a while on starting a mini web series on how to start out in web development and programming in general. I have identified this need after being approached by many high schoolers and high school leavers on the subject. They are easily overwhelmed by the numerous channels and opinions on the internet therefore causing confusion. This reminds me of myself a few years ago when I first started coding, downloading lots of videos (some of my friends still have nearly 200 videos of TheNewBoston’s PHP series!!). It’s funny because with all these videos-mind you there are other video series too-they have never built a fully working system/app/game.  This is just utter foolishness.

What to do

I learnt over the years that books are your trusted resources at all times no matter what. Books have taught me more than I could just get from a short video. Of course there are short meaningful video tutorials that teach on a specific core component/topic. Don’t ever download videos that say:

  1. Learn Java/Python/Ruby/PHP/NodeJs etc in a single video! (1 hour long)
  2. What is a variable/function etc – You can read all about them in a book on programming. A book is more detailed and comprehensive.
  3. Create an app in 15/25/30/45 etc minutes – Yet you’re a newbie developer!
  4. etc. etc.

Also not forgetting the books with similar lies:

  1. Learn Java in 24 hrs – Yet you’re a Newbie
  2. UNIX in 1 hr – Yet it’s first time meeting a command line/shell
  3. Learn AngularJs/NodeJs/etc in a day! – Crazy but possible for expert JavaScript developers!
  4. etc. etc

All I’m saying is don’t rush into things. Everything in life follows a sequence of steps, in other words, there must be a process! This process is supposed to make you the person you want to be or who you were supposed to be. The lure of “get (____) quickly” needs to be erased from our minds and hearts! These means only lead to disaster no matter how long it takes. Don’t be deceived by the current apparent satisfaction and joy you’re having.

I know some people who call themselves programmers yet they only know how to install WordPress/Joomla etc. They do this and claim they know PHP, JavaScript, MySQL etc just because they edited a single file. They is no such thing. Competence is built from a foundation of knowledge and understanding. If a problem occurs in the code or a feature is required to be added, they start scrambling and  searching for a magical plugin to fix all their inadequacies. If a plugin cannot be found, they tell the client that the existing website cannot support the required feature and requires a redesign and of course at an extra fee.

In Conclusion

This behavior has caused loss of trust in the web development and the software industry. The clients is very cautious since they are afraid of running into a developer that’s similar to the previous one who lied and conned them. We as developers must therefore keep an ethical standard and code of conduct that’ll bring trust back to this amazing industry! There are still wonderful solutions waiting to be developed by you and me or the your brother/sister/mum/dad/friend has a great idea and don’t know how to execute it.

You can be the agent of change and use your skills to bring nothing into something. Hope you’ve gotten a thing or two. Please comment below for any thoughts on this subject or tell me your experiences. Hope the web series will have more impact. Until next time, may peace be with you.

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